The Calming Anxiety App

From the creator of the Calming Anxiety Podcast, the NEW app. Wake up to positive affirmations, go to sleep to our insomnia tracks.
Creat confidence , over come panic and anxiety.

The Calming Anxiety Podcast was launched in November 2019. Within a year it had been downloaded over 1 million times! Over 29,000 subscribers alone on Spotify.
It launched a global following of those in need of a calmer way of life.

The App for Calming Anxiety will still have all the best of the podcast show but with so much more. Morning alarms can be positive affirmations, for bed, timers to play your favourite insomnia tracks and then turn off automatically.
Track your sleep and heart rate to see how you're progressing.
Daily reminders to take time out for your mental health and so much more.

Learn to take back control over negative and anxious thoughts.

Please let me know when you launch the app

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